Top 7 app development tools for the iOS platform

Well, by far Apple’s iOS is one the best inventions in the mobile operating system sector. Within a decade, iOS have been able to gain 49% of the mobile market share and is currently powering Apple’s iPad, iPod and iPhone. It’s a high-end platform which has created a huge range of possibilities for the developers that enabled them to build innovative mobile apps which can be used for all sorts of purposes.

The primary motive behind iOS development was to build an operating system which can work on devices with small screen sizes that can be loaded with applications written in C and C++. The early versions of iOS used to have these languages but after the release of iOS v6.0, Apple introduced the all new languages such as Objective-C and Swift. And in all these years, both of these have garnered much attention which made iOS an attractive prospect for app developers.

Given below is the list of top 7 tools which you can use for developing iOS compatible apps:
1. Jazzy: This iOS development tool will allow you to develop any sort of iOS-based app. It comes loaded with lots of documentation which will assist you to get through all sorts of tough situations. A document file usually allows the programmer to understand all the things involved in app development.

2. Hotfix Native iOS Apps: This iOS app development tool will help you push all the codes levels back to the native Objective-C apps instantly. It enables the app developers to gain direct access to apps methods and patches.

3. Gitter: It is a tool built on the top of GutHub tech. It is primarily used for public and private chats. It also enables them to tighten up the collaboration within organisations. Gitter is specifically aimed at developers.

4. Charter: A great tool for iOS development. Basically, it is developed for the Swift programming language that keeps up with the language mail list present on the iPhones and iPads. The best part about Charter is that it provides both online and offline views as well as support for message threading.

5. Crayons: Well, this tool is actually a plugin, which helps in enhancing the tweaking of colours in the project. In offers complete access to the custom colours which are not defined in the code.

6. Cordoba: A software development kit (SDK) that works with local files and assets. The main aim of this tool is parsing, in simple words to establish connectivity between the app and the database associated with it.

7. Swift Express: This is a simple yet powerful tool written in Swift. It has a framework and a simple routeing mechanism. It helps to run the app while managing the dependencies of the project.

Summing Up

There are several famous iOS development tools present in the app development market, but the above-mentioned ones are widely used by the professional iOS developers. Feel free to use the iDE for creating an easy and smooth Objective-C or Swift powered app.


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