How mobile apps have enhanced the growth of quick serving restaurants?

Mobiles apps have proven to be the driver of growth for several industries. But the one sector which has been benefitted the most are the quick serving restaurants. The value of a QSR depends on the products they offer. In many cases, the food is light & portable, so it becomes easy to draw in more traffic, and with the quick delivery system, the wastage is also reduced. Well, the modern technology has helped these QSR’s grow in stature.
The QSR’s have two different segments of customers. In this article, you will read about the different customers and how a mobile app is helping these restaurants grow.
The Impulse Driven Segment of Customers

This is the first segment of customers who prefer eating out especially at the quick serving places. By opting for Mobile App Development the owners can quickly place their order, get food delivered and they can have a quick bite of some light food. These people are mostly impulsed driven and thus are likely to be frequent customers for several brands. You cannot consider them as a loyal customer until you provide them with some rewards or benefits on their purchase.
With the help of a mobile app, you can reach out to your customers and can pitch them in a proper manner. You provide them with personalised offers like rewards, loyalty points, discounts etc. Apart from that, you can also put some aggressive marketing campaigns based on the customer’s buying behaviour. You can also place a store locator functionality will surely help the customers to locate their favourite QSR store and will also boost your sales.
With a mobile app in place, you can learn and understand the purchasing behaviour of the customers and it will also give you great insights about the app-based sales. Things such as billing volumes, top-selling food items, the frequency of repetitive orders from a specific customer, add-on topping etc. All this data can be vital for business growth.
The Regular Young Working Customers
The corporate orders are rare to come and are considered lucky for the QSR. To convert these young people into regular/loyal meal eaters for the retail stores, a mobile app will be the best option. Thanks to the affordable app development services, you can quickly revitalise the sales. By adding offers such as group discounts, special offers for famous institutions, colleges, universities, companies, BPO employees etc.
Well, the group discounts have always been the traffic building measure, so try to motivate your users to make group order so that they can secure a good discount. With a good amount of bulk orders coming every week, your business can quickly make hefty profits and can cover all the costs invested in app development. Try to target students or employees living away from their families.
Once these potential customers have been accustomed to placing an order via the smartphones using the app, they will be assured of the fact that they will get warm and fresh meal just a click away.


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